7 nov. 2015

Redeye värderar Formpipe.

Hela analysen från Redeye >>>>
(man behöver kanske vara medlem, kostnadsfritt)

Valuation You can always see our latest rating, valuation and investment case description on beta.redeye.se (free membership required) Since the acquisition of GXPi, mainly due to its size and the chosen performance-based purchase pricing, had no major long-term effect on the debt and risk profile of Formpipe, our WACC remains at 11 percent. We calculate with an average growth of 4.8 percent between 2016 and 2023 and a long-term EBIT margin of 15 percent, but have as commented revised our mid-term EBIT margins slightly. The resulting motivated value per share is 9.4 (9.6) SEK. 

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