30 sep. 2014

HM hourly

I bought a few HM here for a trade.


Two doji candles in Catella,
on the lower bollinger band.

MA 200 is rising.

Skanska +1,4%

Skanska touching MA 200 and moving up
1,4 % today.

28 sep. 2014

Volvo weekly

Weekly, oversold and close to the next support level.

25 sep. 2014

Bankerna snart tillbaka på banan - EFN - Ekonomi- och FinansNyheterna

Bankerna snart tillbaka på banan - EFN - Ekonomi- och FinansNyheterna

Skanska hourly - and its bollinger band


Skanska up or down?

Narrowing bollinger bands - outbreak up or down?

With the MA 200 rising I would suggest that
up is the most probable way to go.

Axfood hourly

Are the buyers in Axfood strong enough to
move the prices above this resistance?

ABB hourly

Are the buyers of ABB strong enough to pass
this resistance level?

2 hours later, update.

There were signs In HM before todays report


SSAB b could go up from here, touching the lower bollinger
band. Note that MA 200 is up.

24 sep. 2014


Hitting MA 200 and the bottom of the 
bollinger band with a hammer.


Resistance level.

Lundin petroleum

Could be forming a first higher low,
MA 200 is still declining.

Lundin mining

A doji outside of the bollinger band,
also note that the MA 200 is still rising,
but it might be hard to get up from this
position, a lot of resistance ahead.

SHB at a resistance level

Can form some kind of doji today,
at a resistance level, at the top of the
bollinger band, and a sell signal in

22 sep. 2014

Industrivärden c - first higher low

With a first higher low since early may, 
with MA 200 still rising, with a discount
of 15% of its holdings, and a yield of 4,3%,
I think Industrivärden could be a good 
defensive play right now.


Reversed head and shoulder

Getinge b

I dont really know if this could be a reversed head and 
shoulder, maybe it could. It gives a narrow stop-loss
which means a low risc.

The MA 200 is still down, a bit worrying.
The share recently got several buy recommendations
implementing a program to reduce costs.

Meda and MA 200

I bought a few Meda shares today.

Seems like the MA 200 still is in play.


I am not buying this yet,
but it could be a turn-around
here now or soon. Have still
not seen a higher bottom.

18 sep. 2014


Så hittar du fyndaktierna

Skanska 10 years

I missed this obvious level at 138,
bought a few shares today at 146.

There is some resistance at 146 but as long
as the MA 200 is rising, its a good probability
that we will see higher prices.

9 sep. 2014

Lundin petroleum

I wont buy Lundin petroleum as long as the
MA 200 is down, whatever Morgan Stanley says.

 (SIX) SIX News rapporterar varje dag analytikernas senaste 
rekommendationsförändringar. Saknar du en rekommendation? Tipsa oss 
gärna på red@six.se. 
   Rekommendations- och riktkursförändringarna tisdagen den 9 
Bank:                 Ny                   (Gammal) 
Morgan Stanley: 
Lundin Petroleum      Övervikt             (Jämvikt) 
Securitas             Köp, 84 kr           (Behåll, 84 kr) 
Rezidor               Behåll, 42 kr        (-) 
Electrolux            Neutral              (Köp) 
Danske Bank: 
Electrolux            Avvakta, 209 kr      (Köp, 198 kr) 
Société Générale: 
Nordea                Sälj                 (Behåll) 

ABB 6 month daily

Will the resistance/support at 165 hold?


Turning exactly at 165, but is there any strenght there?


Boliden hourly

A slight pullback in Boliden,
I think it will reach 125 in the short term
and more in time.

8 sep. 2014

Boliden - big picture

Boliden breaking the upper resistance line,
MA 200 is up, could be a lot of potential here.

Atlas copco 10 days hourly

Nordea 6 month daily

If you look at MA 200 and also consider
that dj us finance index looks strong, I would
be surprised if Nordea forms a reversed 
head and shoulder here, it would make more
sense if the price went up at least a bit, 
from here.

Atlas copco

The trend in Atco suggests that it will break up
rather then down. There are also strong support
close to this price-range.

Lundin petroleum - first higher bottom?

This could be a first higher bottom in Lupe,
but I wouldn´t go against the 200 MA.

Lundin mining 10 days hourly

Boliden 2 years vs. Omx

Boliden is on the move now, breaking
the 115-level today.

7 sep. 2014