16 aug. 2016


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Photronics Inc. (NASDAQ:PLAB) has shown a 184.36% year-over-year net income change and 124.58% two-year change. When a company grows net income in consecutive years, shows positive two-year net income growth, and it's trending consecutively higher, the importance of the net income trend is much higher. If net income stays trending, Photronics Inc. could find all of the other earnings metrics growing rapidly in the near future.

Here is a more myopic view of the exploding net income data in tabular format for the last two-years:

Two-Years Ago 
One-Year Ago  
$28 million$22 million
$64 million

The Global Leader in Photomask and Reticle Technology
Photronics is a world leader in sub-wavelength reticle solution technology as a result of its commitment to customer service, value and quality. Established in Connecticut in 1969, the Company became a publicly-held corporation in 1987.   Today Photronics operates nine manufacturing facilities around the globe strategically located near the world's leading semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturers. 
We provide a complete array of photomask solutions for customers manufacturing semiconductors, flat panel displays, optoelectronics and data storage components.  Our customer service and data prep staffs work around-the-clock to insure the best possible cycle time and quality. 
Recent investments in new technology and a joint venture partnership have propelled Photronics to the forefront of both integrated circuit and flat panel display photomask manufacturing.  Our technology solutions are now recognized globally and are allowing customers to build state-of-the art technologies in a cost effective manner.

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